On the weekend of 30th September and 1st October 2017 we will be holding the inaugural Rofalconry event.

The concept of Rofalconry is brand new and incredibly exciting. The brainchild of Dr Nick Fox OBE, the concept is to have artificial robotic flying quarry that can be hunted by trained falcons. Who can forget Nick’s spellbinding demos at the Raptor Fair in 2016?

One of the most beautiful things falconry can offer is the pursuit flight. The contest for aerial supremacy, which can play out in so many ways, is the perfect demonstration of the predator/prey relationship. These flights demonstrate so much of the falcon’s potential and allows the falconer, now merely a spectator, to experience ringing flights, dramatic stoops and rapid low-level tail chases.

The robara (a Houbara Bustard model) and the rocrow (a Crow model) can be controlled to ensure they stay within line of sight of the spectators. However a skilled pilot can take them up to over 1000ft and can perform all sorts of aerial manoeuvres as the falcons chase them.

On September 30th and 1st October 2017 Nick and a team of pilots, falconers and rofalconry technicians are coming to Duncombe to showcase the latest developments in rofalconry. Also coming will be a large team of falcons, trained in chasing roprey.

In addition to our normal flying demos there will be regular demonstrations of rofalconry in the parklands.

Falconers – if you already fly at roprey and would like to bring your falcon and have a go yourselves, please contact us and we’ll get you booked in. There’s no extra charge to bring a hawk, but you do need to book it in.

A basic camping area is available. Campers can have the use of the centre’s loos, but there are no showers, or electric hook ups! See below to book camping online or call us on 08447422035.

There is no extra admission fee for this event – normal entrance fees apply. No need to book and there are no advance tickets – just turn up on the day – we open at 10am.

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